At SOMM, the quest for elevating wine education is a collaborative venture. Central to this mission are our Sommelier Judges, seasoned professionals who volunteer their expertise to evaluate wine schools and sommelier programs across the United States.

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Duties of Sommelier Judges

Each year, our judges undertake a range of voluntary duties aimed at assessing and improving the state of wine education:

  • Providing feedback on an annual questionnaire concerning the wine profession.
  • Reviewing wine schools or sommelier programs.
  • Alerting SOMM to emerging topics in wine education.
  • Recommending new wine schools for inclusion in our database.
  • Nominating esteemed colleagues for the Sommelier Judge position.

The voluntary nature of these duties emphasizes the community-driven approach at SOMM. The insights and recommendations from our judges are instrumental in recognizing exemplary wine schools and programs, and identifying areas for improvement.

Embarking on the Journey of a Sommelier Judge

The journey to becoming a Sommelier Judge begins with a nomination from a current member. Candidates are then evaluated by senior members of SOMM, ensuring a thorough vetting process that upholds the prestige and integrity of the Sommelier Judge title. Although only a select few are invited to join the ranks, the process ensures a panel of judges well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to wine education.

Leveraging the SOMM Platform

Sommelier Judges have access to a personalized account on the SOMM platform. This feature facilitates their engagement in judging duties, from reviewing and ranking wine schools to adding new schools to our database. The digital platform serves as a conduit for our judges to contribute their insights and collaborate in a shared mission.

A Collective Endeavor

The collective efforts of Sommelier Judges and the broader SOMM community are reshaping the landscape of wine education in the United States. Together, we’re working towards a future where every aspiring sommelier has access to top-notch education and a platform to flourish in their profession.

Through the diligent efforts of our Sommelier Judges, SOMM continues to uphold and elevate the standards of wine education. Their voluntary contributions underscore a community-centric ethos, driving a collective endeavor to foster excellence in the wine profession.