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The Wine Shop

At The Wine House, we regularly circle the globe, metaphorically, of course, to give our guests a unique taste of wine and spirits from Scotland to Sonoma. Featuring a wonderful lineup of classes and events, The Wine House always has a program on the calendar that will pique your interest.

Bill Knight, Owner

The Wine House is best known as a sprawling wine shop, named by Food & Wine Magazine as one of the world’s best. Its reputation as a wine destination is well-earned. Along with a deep selection of California wines, there is a respectable collection of Burgundy and Bordeaux. This is one of the top wine stores in Los Angeles. That said, the selection is on par with most of the larger wine shops on the East Coast.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine cited Wine House as one of the “BEST SHOPS FOR RARE WINES” in 2021.

Among the city’s sommeliers and other wine pros, this landmark offers a range of styles and price points, but its rare wine selection stands out. You can also purchase French, Italian, and California futures here, and it offers on-premise storage for those exceptional wines. Additionally, the knowledgeable staff can help you locate what you want and ensure you enjoy it at the best time.

Wine Enthusiast

Origin of the School

The store was founded in 1973 by Bill Knight, who moved into the wine trade from banking. His sons Glen and Jim are now running the program, including their wine education programming. The classroom is on the second floor, which originally also held the store’s catering business. The programming includes Wine & Spirit Education Trust and the Wine Scholar Guild. They also offered certification via the North American Sommelier Association, which they discontinued in 2019.

Wine Tasting Classes

These classes are designed to cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels. Their general wine classes include a variety of topics, such as ‘Wine 101’ which is ideal for beginners, ‘Beyond the Basics’ for those looking to deepen their knowledge, and ‘Blind Tasting’ which is geared towards more advanced learners looking to challenge their palate. Additionally, they offer ‘Featured Winemaker’ classes which provide an opportunity to learn directly from notable winemakers. These classes are not just informative but also interactive, allowing participants to engage directly with wine experts and enhance their understanding of different wines and winemaking processes​​​​.

These classes have been run since 1988 and have a loyal following. Students’ only criticism is that the tasting classes sometimes feel like promotional events for brands featured in the tasting class.

WSET Courses

The Wine House is an established WSET franchisee, offering structured courses from Level 1 to Level 3. These internationally recognized courses provide a thorough education in wine and spirits, suitable for both industry professionals and serious enthusiasts. The Level 1 course introduces the basics, Level 2 delves into various wine regions and grape varieties, and Level 3 offers a more detailed study of viticulture, winemaking, and wine tasting. Completing these courses can lead to formal WSET certification, which is highly valued in the wine industry. Moreover, their WSET courses are particularly praised for their excellent selection of wines, enhancing the learning experience​.

Much of the LA wine community has taken WSET courses at Wine House, which has only increased their regional reach. “When they are getting their jobs as sommeliers in the community, they always mention Wine House as the place to go to get their wine,” says Glen Knight.

Monica Marin

Monica Marin, Wine House Wset Instructor

The Wine House’s classes, particularly those led by Monica Marin, have received high praise from participants. Reviewers consistently commend Monica for her engaging teaching style, extensive knowledge, and ability to make complex topics comprehensible and enjoyable. Many students have successfully completed various levels of WSET under her guidance, highlighting her approachable nature, humor, and dedication. The positive experiences shared by attendees, ranging from industry professionals to avid enthusiasts, underscore the quality and impact of the Wine House’s educational programs.

As one reviewer puts it, “Monica is an incredible wine educator… knowledgeable, passionate, and makes every class a joy.” Another emphasizes, “Monica’s classes are not just about lectures, facts, and figures… [she] injects humor to keep the lectures from getting too stiff and formal.” These sentiments reflect the overall satisfaction and appreciation of students participating in the Wine House’s courses, particularly under Monica Marin’s instruction.

Outside of Los Angeles

Wine House has partnered with the wine shop Satellite Santa Barbara to offer wine courses. This is not the only project they have on the Central Coast. The wine shop also offers WSET courses at Broken Earth Winery in Paso Robles.

Wine House Kitchen

Located on the second floor of the wine shop, this restaurant marks a significant transformation from its previous incarnation as Upstairs II, a space primarily used for WSET seminars and classes. Opened in late September 2023, the redesign by Jim and Glen Knight is a fusion of vintage Japanese and Danish modern aesthetics, featuring wood and brick elements and an elongated bar that sweeps into a loungey ambiance.

Wine House Kitchen

The culinary offerings of Wine House Kitchen, under the guidance of Chef Maiki Lee, reflect a blend of California Modern cuisine with a Vietnamese influence. The menu, described by Wine & Spirits Magazine, includes standout dishes like Faroe Island salmon imperial rolls and banh patê sô stuffed with guinea fowl, showcasing a Franco-Vietnamese fusion.

The upgraded space is still be used for classes and courses.

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WSET in Santa Barbara

Nice to see some wine eduction in wine country! Napa shouldn’t have all the fun.

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