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Heath Hiudt’s Legacy in Wine Education

The program is spearheaded by Heath Hiudt, a long-standing member of the Las Vegas wine industry. Heath has led the UNLV Sommelier Academy since June 2013. His expertise includes roles at The ONE Group and The Nine Group in Las Vegas, where he ran the beverage management and sommelier programs. His previous tenure as an instructor at the International Sommelier Guild is another core reason he is a cornerstone of the sommelier academy’s success.

UNLV Sommelier Academy Certificate

Sommelier Program Details

  • Duration: 13 sessions.
  • Location: UNLV Tam Alumni Center.
  • Focus: In-depth wine education covering lectures, tastings, and service.
  • Cost: $1,999.

Curriculum Insights

Students delve into an immersive learning experience, exploring diverse grapes and regions. Each session features a tasting of over 12 wines, with the curriculum emphasizing winemaking, varietals, and major wine regions. This structured approach, combined with Hiudt’s extensive experience, ensures a comprehensive understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of wine.

The program routinely invites industry experts as guest speakers, providing insights into the evolving trends in the wine world. These sessions offer students a glimpse into real-world applications and the latest developments in the industry.

Student Testimonials

  • Raquel Jacobs (Sommelier, SDK at Cosmopolitan): Took the course for an in-depth perspective on wine theory and tasting.
  • Juan Carlos Garcia (Head Bartender, Capitol Grill): Sought a better understanding of wine fundamentals.
  • Laura Lee Case (Sommelier, MGM Grand): Transitioned to the wine industry and needed more knowledge.
  • Jenna Cushman (Southern Glaciers, Wine and Spirits of Nevada): Aimed to enhance her role in the wine team.
  • Anthony Ramirez (Lead Sommelier, Del Frisco Steakhouse): Found the course life-changing for his wine knowledge and career.

These testimonials underscore the program’s impact on professional development and career advancement in the wine industry.

Practical Training and Field Trips Apart from classroom learning, practical training in wine service and food pairing is emphasized, providing students with hands-on experience.

Unique University-Based Program

The UNLV Sommelier Academy Certificate Program stands out as the only sommelier program offered at a university level. This is significant for several reasons:

Regional Accreditation vs. State Certification or Professional Certification: Unlike state-recognized programs like the National Wine School or professional certifications like WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) and CMS (Court of Master Sommeliers), the UNLV program is based on regional accreditation. This means it adheres to rigorous academic standards a regional accrediting body sets, ensuring a comprehensive and high-quality education.

Broad Recognition and Credibility: Regional accreditation often carries more weight and recognition in academic and professional circles, enhancing the credibility and value of the certification received.

Comprehensive Educational Approach: Being university-based, the program can offer a more well-rounded and in-depth educational experience, integrating practical skills with a broader academic framework.

Current Enrollment Status Currently, there are no available dates for enrollment. Interested individuals are encouraged to stay updated through the UNLV Continuing Education website for future sessions.

United States Wine Educators

The program was originally run under the banner of United States Wine Educators, which was founded in 2010 by Heath Hiudt. However, that company no longer has a web presence and seems to have been dissolved.

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Jcl_somm 2 Reviews
University Certification in Wine

Good program.

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Mathew A. 14 Reviews
When are classes starting again!

I loved my class, but was cancelled half way through.

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MJ 38 Reviews
An actual univesity sommelier program

So many of these programs are just dull WSET programs. Here is one that actually is run by real academics at a real accredited school. Kudos!

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