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Opposing Viewpoints from the Sommelier Community


Michael A.
31st December 2021 at 5:52 am

As a Canadian member of the court – Who cares about the democrat/republican views of some members of the board?
As a white male, many of my mentors are LGBT and or BIPOC, many that I teach are BIPOC and or LGBT. Politics shouldn’t have such a prevalent space, especially to be used as a divisive argument.

I’m sorry but this is totally an American-centric mentality that everything is ”Us against Them” and seriously, can we just aim at fixing the sexual assault and racism, and leave the politics out of Everything?

I, for one, wishes for a wine industry that isn’t politized and aims for the bettering of our industry, its members and its image in general.

    Uncorked and Decanted
    4th January 2022 at 12:37 pm

    If you are not aware–how could you not?–the inclusion of BIPOC and LGBT are a the core of politics in America. Pretending that isn’t the case is simply allowing the injustices to continue.

    There is no reason to support a racist and misogynist company except for one reason: you don’t want to lose status. That is a terrible reason to defend a corrupt instition. If you are a proponent of diversity as you, then you really cannot support a company that has a decades-long track record of promoting and nurturing white men over all others.

    This is not a USA issue, but a universal one.

Gail Summars
2nd December 2021 at 10:02 am

Having known a couple of these fellows & familiar with their behavior while representing the Cof M program. I have to say they nneded to be stopped.Do i believe this organization had to upended for this NO but as a participating member a lot was wrong with the program. Besides it was outdated in its goals.

7th November 2020 at 8:01 am

“We are asking for its board of directors to reflect it’s members. Sommeliers are not just white male Republicans.”

Agreed on the overall gender and racial representation of the court board, but I’m really not understanding the argument you’ve presented with regard to political affiliation. You’re arguing the court is employed by and funded by Republicans, but then somehow equating that to the board individuals also being non-representative of Democrats and made up of Republicans. That doesn’t make any sense. How many individuals in the industry are employed by the corporations you’re calling out that also serve in leadership positions in various industry non-profits? Are they also inherently Republican or representing Republican interests? How many wineries are there that have owners that contribute heavily to Republican/conservative causes? Are they on our wine lists? On our retail shelves? This is a pretty slippery slope.

    Uncorked and Decanted
    8th November 2020 at 10:09 am

    As a Calfornia non-profit, the CMS board of directors has specific legal obligations to represent their constituents, which in their charter is the wine trade in general. We point out their Republican-centric affiliations because that shows they are failing these requirements in many ways.

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