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Wine Educator Jobs in the United States

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12th June 2019 at 12:03 pm

Hello! Since I was unable to find a contact us page, I wanted to leave a comment about our wine education program as there are some unintended inaccuracies in the review of of education programs. House of Wine is listed in your guide of wine schools and while it is correct that we are located in Idaho, our address is incorrect. We are located at 1409 W. Main Street, Suite 110, Boise, ID 83702. We have a completely dedicated wine classroom space. Kathryn House is the key educator and has a Master’s degree in Viticulture and has been teaching in the wine education realm for over 14 years. Last year we partnered with Adventure in Wine and offered L1 and L2 WSET courses and will continue to offer WSET programs and likely Wine Scholar programs in the future. Kat is a Master of Wine Candidate and as such is continuing her pursuit of offering some of the best education programs in the United States. Thank you for your thoughtful review of wine education programs in the United States and we look forward to meeting up in person!

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