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What does it take to become a Master Sommelier?


Paul Tulikorpi
28th November 2019 at 2:45 pm

A few months ago I poured wine for a woman who was celebrating passing her exam for WSET Level 3. She gave me a price range and asked me to choose. I brought a bottle by Michel Chapoutier. She never heard of him. That’s exactly like saying you are an ardent hockey fan but never heard of Wayne Gretzky. Or a basketball fan but never heard of Michael Jordan. Or an F1 fan but never heard of Michael Schumacher. Or a soccer fan but never heard of Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Or a golfer but never heard of Tiger Woods . I am a sommelier but have to admit it’s the most overrated profession in the world. It’s all people now with plaid shirts,noserings,tattoos and long beards. They don’t know jack,as this nice woman proved. I know a guy who wrote the MS exam 4 times but was absolutely useless on the floor,trying to sell wine. Next time you meet a somm,ask him/her a wine question you know the answer to and wait for the onslaught of pretentious blather.

    Harton Cena
    22nd July 2021 at 11:57 pm

    You are as pretentious as you say the nice woman is. Michel Chapoutier is nowhere near being the “Michael Jordan” of the industry.

    I hope you and the rest of the wine snobs out there try to un-learn the whole culture of namedropping.

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